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I am a husband, father, and coach who began a career in law enforcement at a very small agency in 2003. After a deployment to Iraq with the USMC reserve in 2004, I changed agencies and moved to a “donut county” that borders a major US city in 2006. My current agency is composed of about 50 sworn officers, and is the busiest agency in our part of the donut. I am currently a mid-level supervisor who is in charge of a night shift, and serve the department in many other areas that include SWAT, FTO, and primary instruction. I’ve been around long enough to lose the illusion that I have every answer to every problem and now fully understand that my experiences have prepared me for little else than a life of wearing a badge and pistol.

The Many Hats of a Patrolman…

Patrol officers are expected to perform a wide variety of tasks…well Continue reading

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Wrapping Up 2016

A summary of 2016 from Donut County Cop Continue reading

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Being a Cop in the Winter Sucks…

Policing the Midwest has its charms.  In the Donut, we get to experience the changes of the seasons that bring about some wild temperature swings. It may be 100 degrees in September, and two months later we may be dipping … Continue reading

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Ode to ODE…

Police vernacular varies from region to region, but around our Donut County we refer to the plethora of part time employment for law enforcement as “off duty employment” which gets shortened to ODE for the purposes of advising dispatch that … Continue reading

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Breaking Down the Ambush

Combat ambushes of police officers by focusing on the basics Continue reading

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Confronting an Unexpected Fear

Donut County Cop confronts the possibility of a child pursuing a career in law enforcement… Continue reading

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State Troopers, Badge Bunnies, and Cheshire Cats…

When I first started my career in law enforcement I had an old state trooper who befriended me and would provide me with some sage advice when the opportunity presented itself.  Back then I was working at an agency that had only … Continue reading

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10 Consistent Callers…

Cops don’t get to pick and choose the calls we respond to on a daily basis.  Sure, we have a lot of freedom to self-initiate activity when we see things that are illegal or potentially dangerous, but by and large … Continue reading

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No Better Friend…

I’m far too old to have many role models. At this point in my life many of the folks I have held in high esteem have revealed themselves as less than ideal examples of a path to follow for the … Continue reading

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Donut Reviewed and Approved

Three items for patrol that I wouldn’t want to be without… Continue reading

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